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Slayer - Steam EP - 2 Group

  • Slayer - Steam EP - 2 Group - Black
  • Slayer - Steam EP - 2 Group - Black
  • Slayer - Steam EP - 2 Group - Black
  • Slayer - Steam EP - 2 Group - Black

Slayer - Steam EP - 2 Group - Black

Slayer SteamEP, the entry-level commercial Slayer, compares favorably to most espresso machine manufacturers’ premier products. The new SteamEP is designed for fluid, simple operation while featuring high-end extraction capability. It fits multi-unit retailers, wholesale coffee providers and other equipment dealers and distributors, and retailers wanting to move up to the premium espresso machine range.

Classic 9-Bar Extraction with Pre-Wetting Control
Volumetric brewing with programmable pre-wet from 0-4 seconds
Four Volume Settings Per Group
Each button can be programmed to hold two volumetric presets, four settings per group.
Individual Brew Tanks with PID Temperature Control
Consistent and reliable performance, ideal for high- volume beverage service
Push Button Actuation
For fast programming and easy operation
Centralized, Heads-up Barista Dashboard
Easy to operate and program volumetrics, temperature, pre-wet and more
Password Protection of Deeper Programming
Give appropriate levels of control to baristas
Unique Design
Soft-touch handles, powder coated wings and anodized aluminum panel
Essential Features:
Volumetric activation, two buttons with four programmable settings per group

  • Programmable pre-wetting 0-4 sec, per setting, four per group
  • Centralized heads-up Barista Dashboard™
  • Intuitive, password protected menus
  • Soft touch steam actuators and portafilters
  • Electronic solenoid steam valves
  • PID-controlled independent brew tanks
  • Hot water mix valve
  • Massive work surface
  • Wing channels keep wires and hoses hidden
  • Anodized aluminum finish, body color
  • Price on request