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HeyCafe H1 Coffee Grinder (Black)

  • HeyCafe H1 Coffee Grinder (Black)
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HeyCafe H1 Coffee Grinder (Black)

The HeyCafe H1 Coffee Grinder sits within a very special niche in the grinder market, equipped with large 64mm Flat burrs and a precise digital grinding mechanism, it has the capacity to grind very fine for espresso brewing and all the way coarse for filter and cold coffee brewing and suits a cafe with small footprint but equally for the home coffee enthusiast.

Equipped with an adjustable portafilter forks that also come with a dosing cup tray, you can manoeuvre the supports up or down with a range of 18cm from the grind chute to either grind out hands-free into an espresso portafilter to placing a complete aeropress underneath and grinding straight in to it chamber, and discover what height best suits your workflow and needs best.

HeyCafe H1 Coffee Grinder FEATURES:

64mm Flat Burrs – Large Hardened Flat Burrs grind quickly and efficiently for ideal flavour and clarity.
Wide Range of Grinding – From Espresso to Filter Options, the H1 Grinder does it all.
Adjustable Forks – Move the forks, or tray to your preferred height between 18cm all the way to portafilter rest hands-free.
LC Digital Display – Adjust you grind in 0.1 increments up to 8.0 to know exactly where you are and have it repeatable.
380g Hopper – Large enough to work in a cafe espresso bar, but small enough it’s not overkill for single dosing.
Cool Grinding – Aluminium Grinds Chamber, Cooling Fins and isolated belt drive keep the heat down.
Removable Grinds Tray – Easy to clean removable grind catch tray for quick service.

AED 2399.00
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