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FRIIA HCS is a hot/cold/sparkling undercounter water delivery system with 3L immediate draw off hot-water. Designed with award-winning technology, the system contains an undercounter boiler and chiller and a sleek, stylish countertop font. FRIIA is the perfect system for offices, office kitchens, canteens, gyms, schools, colleges and small coffee shops. Includes CO2 Regulator and Drip-tray. 

  1. Friia Configurations:

Cold (C)

Cold/Sparkling (CS)

Hot/Cold (HC)

Hot/Cold/Sparkling (HCS)

The FRIIA Hot/Cold (HC) and Hot/Cold/Sparkling (HCS) include the multi-temp MIX UC3 110v or 220v Hot Water Boiler

Sleek and stylish with minimal counter-top space

23% more energy-efficient than leading competitors

Easy to install, service, and use

Two font heights available (9.7" standard and 12" tall)

The FRIIA Hands-Free Font is safe, hygienic, and eliminates a touchpoint

FRIIA is sold as a complete kit with font, boiler, chiller or chiller/carbonator, and drip tray (CO2 tank sold separately)

NSF and UL Certified

Industry professional installation and setup required 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


           2.SPEC SHEETS:

Cold Hands-Free
Cold & Cold/Sparkling
Hot/Cold & Hot/Cold/Sparkling

Capacity: FRIIA is designed to deliver 170 cups of boiler water/hr and between 210-240 cold or cold/sparkling cups of water/hr. It is not intended for high-volume output.
Counter cut-outs: FRIIA requires a 1.25″ diameter cut-out. If installing the drip tray you will need to cut an additional 4″ hole in your counter.
Undercounter space: FRIIA requires a minimum cabinet size of 600mm width x 600mm height x 600mm depth.
Ventilation: FRIIA requires ventilation at 2 points on the under-counter cabinet. Vents must be a minimum 300mm wide and 65mm high.
Maximum cable/hose length from Undercounter Module to Font Tap: 16"
Price on request