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Faema - President GTI - 3 Group

  • Faema - President GTI - 3 Group
  • Faema - President GTI - 3 Group
  • Faema - President GTI - 3 Group

Faema - President GTI - 3 Group

The new Faema President brings back the iconic models of the 60’s with its restyled design and new innovative technologies. It is elegant in style using minimal and essential shapes. Elements of satin, chrome-plated steel, and pewter finishing can be seen in the GTi version.

Also, the rear panel can be characterized by playing with numerous materials and the most varied graphic designs to give your machine a truly original and unique touch. Choose from a wide selection of panels kit: urban style, elegant, funny, and retro, with  different graphics for a perfect coordination with the style of the coffee shop.

- GTi Thermal System

The President has a new hydraulic circuit with GTi infusion control system that guarantees both high-precision infusion and perfect coffee brew time regulation.

The independent groupheads allow baristas to manage different coffee blends that require specific extraction temperatures, ensuring thermal stability. All brewing parameters, including duration, can be under constant control.

- Smart Boiler

The patented Smart Boiler technology increases the performance levels of hot water and steam while optimizing the water level in the boiler. This ensures thermal balance so you can consistently have a perfect cup even under conditions of maximum use.

With all of these innovative features, it is clear that the President is one machine that blends great design, tradition, and innovation that never fail to assure a great quality in every cup.

Features of the President GTi:

  • GTi Thermal System
  • Smart Boiler
  • New Interface
  • New Stainless Steel Soft Touch Filterholders
  • Green Machine
  • Mixed Water
  • USB Port
Price on request