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FAEMA - E61 Legend - S2

  • FAEMA - E61 Legend - S2
  • FAEMA - E61 Legend - S2
  • FAEMA - E61 Legend - S2

FAEMA - E61 Legend - S2

Designed nearly 60 years ago, the original E61 is an icon that became the gold standard for the cafe industry for decades and still influences espresso machine design today. With the semi-automatic E61 Legend, Faema has beautifully reproduced the original machine, right down to the legendary grouphead, while outfitting it with a modern boiler, new mechanicals, and independently variable temperature thermo-syphon system. Crafted out of highly polished stainless steel and chrome plated brass, it features all the original design details, right down to the polished brass trim. This updated classic is an ideal one group machine for small restaurants and bars, especially for those that want to showcase a passion for exceptional coffee.

Main Features:

•      Updated edition of the iconic 1960s machine
•      Highly polished full stainless-steel body
•      Large boiler with individual coffee heat exchangers
•      Legendary E61 grouphead design
•      Mechanical group valve with progressive pre-infusion
•      Independent thermal balancing system for each group
•      Internal volumetric pump
•      Dual pressure gauges display steam and water pressure
•      Optional articulated steam arms


AED 32,025.00

AED 29,113.00

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