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FAEMA - E61 Jubile - A1

  • FAEMA - E61 Jubile - A1
  • FAEMA - E61 Jubile - A1

FAEMA - E61 Jubile - A1

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the creation of the first E61, Faema has been offering a celebratory version of its jewel since 2001. Though built maintaining the original design and materials, the new E61 includes updated features: an automatic boiler fill, a built-in volumetric pump, two pressure gauges to control the pump and the boiler pressure, and the adjustable thermal balancing system (Faema patent).

Today, becoming the owner of an E61 means adding prestige to your business and becoming a member of an exclusive club of connoisseurs who can say, with justified pride, that they own a machine that has made history of Italian espresso in the world.


Main Features:

•      Adjustable thermal balancing system (Faema patent) which allows the temperature of each group to be set according to the type of coffee used
•      Automatic boiler fill
•      Boiler Capacity : 6 L 
•      Double gauges to control pump and boiler pressure
•      One dosed hot water and four beverage selections with programmable shot dosing and one continuous delivery/stop push button per group


AED 30,345.00

AED 27,586.00

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