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CafeMatic 8

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CafeMatic 8

With the pursuit for a perfect cup of coffee, our commercial coffee expert – CaféMatic 8- The designed to deliver a range of high quality and rich flavour that would elevate your coffee experience. These 2 models are ideal for hotels and large sized restaurant’s volume consumption.

Main Features:

•      Touch screen with changeable light decoration
•      CaféMatic 8 has two grinders, two bean hoppers and two powder hoppers
•      Double boiler system, coffee boiler and steam boiler
•      Comprehensive beverage outlet for coffee, hot water,milk / milk foam
•      Boiler overpressure protection is achieved by mechanical spring and ball devices
•      The boiler is protected from overheating through a thermostat
•      Milk foam temperature more than 60 degrees
•      Water inlet and water tank for selection
•      10.1’ Touch screen with video function
•      Brew unit is easy to disassemble
•      New Linux platform
•      With water drain pipe
•      Two pump system

Price on request
Dimension H 77.5 x W 34 X D 54 (cm)
Weight (kg) 36
Voltage (VAC) 220 - 240 1 phase
Wattage Elements 3100
Bean hopper / Powder Container 1.2 kg / -
Water Tank Capacity (liters) 4 / Direct Water Option