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Cafematic 2 : Coffee Beans Package

  • Cafematic 2 : Coffee Beans Package
Office Coffee Machine

Cafematic 2 : Coffee Beans Package

•      Automatic Coffee Machine.
•      Compact size ideal for small and medium businesses.
•      Daily capacity: 100 cups; Hot water: 15L/hour.
•      Bean hopper capacity: 1 x 1.2 kg; Grinder: 1 pc.
•      Water Tank: 2L (plus 8 Liters); Grounds container: max 70 pcs.

•      Power: 220-240V/50-60 Hz; Wattage: 2,750 W-3,300 W.


CaféMatic 2 is the ideal coffee machine models for home or any small and medium businesses. With its compact size, this counter-top coffee equipment will bring you a delightful coffee experience.
The CafeMatic coffee machine series deliver aromatic and excellent coffee for both the espresso and milk-based options. Accessible and user-friendly with the touch screen functions, the range of models complement a variety of environments, including corporate offices, restaurants, hotels and resorts.

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